Summer Escape to Vail, Colorado

Summer in Vail, Colorado Known for incredible skiing and winter sports, Vail is one of summers best kept secrets!  Yes, you heard me correct Vail, Colorado is just as much a summer escape as it is a winter destination.  From fancy spas, and incredible restaurants to mountain biking and zip lining on the tops of... Continue Reading →

Road Trip Through The Southern USA

(April 2018) After traveling the world for 13 months, we were itching to explore our own backyard. And if you call the USA your home, then that backyard is pretty big. We decided the best way to do that would be by renting an RV and driving through some of the southern states. We wanted... Continue Reading →

A True Chicago Experience!

(April 2018) Chicago This was both of ours first time in the Windy City and boy, it did not disappoint! Chicago is known for its gastronomic experiences and those date back to the late 1800's. They were the leaders in the beef and pork industry, shipping the delicious meat all over the nation. We knew... Continue Reading →

12 Fun Things To Do In Dubai

“You name it, Dubai has it. Or if it doesn’t, it’s building it” That statement couldn’t be truer about Dubai, it seriously has it all!  It has any store you can think of, any activity that you could possibly do (some that are unique to Dubai), and all types of delicious food. We stayed in... Continue Reading →

Dreamy Island of Phu Quoc

(January-February 2018) Beautiful sand beaches, amazing weather, laid back vibe, and gorgeous sunsets; what comes to mind? Probably not Vietnam.  We came to Phu Quoc not sure what to expect and boy were we blown away! We were pulled away from it (by a pending flight) kicking and screaming. We spent our 2 weeks here... Continue Reading →

Road Trip from Sydney to Melbourne

January 2018 The road to Melbourne We did a road trip form Sydney to Melbourne making lots of stops along the way.  Australian coast was a lot different than we expected.  We expected to see a desert like landscape but instead we saw rolling hills, crops and livestock for about 1,200 miles all the way... Continue Reading →

8 Must Visit Places in Sydney

Sydney Sydney, Australia was a lot cooler than we expected.  This city has a lot to do and plenty to explore, from the epic Opera House to the beautiful beaches just a 20 min drive away.  Be sure to take a day or two to simply wander downtown, check out the malls and we also... Continue Reading →

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