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Lake to Lake Blix Bike Ride

Why we got Blix Electric Bikes:

I am sure its not secret by now, but we love the great outdoors, whether its globe-trotting and exploring different countries, hiking in the PNW or other local adventures, we just love getting outside and exploring our world.  Like many of you, our travel plans, and trips were canceled during 2020, but we still wanted to find a way to get out, explore and enjoy the outdoors with Selah (our daughter).  Even though we aren’t avid bikers, we wanted to find a way that we could do some casual biking to better enjoy the PNW.  We originally used a conventional bike, but with Selah onboard the hills became a little to tough to tackle.  So we began looking for a good electric bike company to take us the distance, and then we found BLIX!

Which ones did we choose?

After looking at some of their bikes we liked all the different accessories you could get for them and that they had great reviews for reliability and ease of assembly.  We chose the Packa, for Alex and Selah, and the Aveny for Liana.  The Packa has a dual battery option which we got that offers a 70 mile range and It can haul up to 400 lbs!  it’s the perfect option if you have a kid or two that you would like to put on the back in the VIP section.  We got the Aveny for liana which has a 45 mile range, in the color she wants with a little basket in front, like a classic cruiser.  Both bikes offer electric assist while you pedal or you can just hold down the throttle with your thumb and skip peddling all together (great if you are standing up a hill and need a little of help to get going).

Our First Big Adventure (16 mile ride)

2.5-3hr round trip

After owning the bikes for a few months and taking them out occasionally when the weather permitted, we decided to look for a day where we could do a longer bike adventure with our little family!  We found a fun route on a local biking app (there are lots of them) and chose one that goes from Lake Washington (where we live) to Lake Sammamish and back.

  • We started at Heritage Park in Kirkland which is a beautiful park with views of Seattle and lake Washington.  If you are coming from out of town to do this ride, it’s a great starting point with a free parking lot.
  • Our first stop was the Kirkland Pavilion and waterfront.  This Marina is in downtown Kirkland, with lots of food options and coffee shops to choose from if you want to grab a bite or a coffee before you head out on the ride.
  • Our second stop was for a cup of coffee in downtown Kirkland to help power us through the rest of the ride.
  • Next we rode for a good 4 miles before we got into Redmond downtown.  We stopped here for a little break and to let Selah run around and soak in the sun.  the app we chose took us through trails and designated bike lanes to get us here.
  • After our little break we headed off to the trail that runs along the entire length of lake Sammamish! This is an beautiful trail that has been recently repaved, updated and it is a great for a bike ride.  This trail takes you along the waterfront and alongside stunning homes that sit on the water.  Sadly we didn’t plan enough time to ride the length of the trail and only went about 3.5 miles before having to turn around and ride back home.  As the days get longer this summer we are planning to ride the whole trail as it was absolutely stunning!

Want some Blix Bikes

We would highly recommend this electric bike company after having owned them ourselves.  The Blix bikes themselves are very high quality, easy to assemble and user friendly.  We also liked how easy it was to communicate with the Blix Bike staff, they have great customer service!


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