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Top 10 Proposal Spots in Nashville, Tennessee

9/10 Kisses 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Let’s just say that as far as fun cities go in the US, this is the best one we have been to! No matter where we went in the city, we found delicious food and friendly people who were happy to point us in the direction of the best spots in town. One of the things we loved about the city besides the honky-tonks on Broadway, was all of the parks and the close proximity of everything in the city. This is definitely a great city to visit if you haven’t been here yet!

1)Hermitage Hotel

This beautiful hotel is in the heart of the city and really easy to get to. This 5 star historic hotel is the perfect place to come for a fine dinner and enjoy the opulence of a time past. We thought it would be a perfect proposal spot for a couple that appreciates Nashville’s history.

2) John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Take a walk across this iconic bridge with the skyline of Nashville in full view. There are a few lookouts along the bridge that would make the perfect place to watch the sunset over the city and ask a very important question.

3) Mural Scavenger Hunt

There are beautiful murals scattered throughout the city that would be fun to incorporate into scavenger hunt. It would be a great way for a creative planner to spend a day exploring the city and eventually ending up at the proposal spot!

4) Centennial park

This was one of the coolest places we visited during our trip to Nashville. It makes you feel like you are exploring ancient Greece! With fields and monuments all around there is lots to explore and a great place for a romantic walk.

5) Love Circle

Love circle offers one of the best views of the entire city and is the perfect place to have picnic on the grass and watch the sunset. We loved that it wasn’t crowded and that there was plenty of parking.

6) Belmont Mansion

With rose gardens, gazebos and beautiful grounds surrounding the mansion, this is a cute place full of history and perfect for a proposal spot. Just be sure that you go when school is out since the grounds are also home to Belmont College.

7) LA Jackson

Nashville has some great restaurants and the LA Jackson is a great one for a couple that loves to have fun! There is a great roof top terrace overlooking the city that would make for a great meal and a perfect proposal spot!

8) Belle Meade Plantation

Come to Belle Meade Plantation to experience everything that is beautiful about the South. From the beautiful main house to the pastures, this is the perfect spot for a cute proposal and a nice dinner.

9) Radnore park

This beautiful park has a lake in the heart of it that makes it a cute little oasis in the city! Take a stroll through the park down to the waters edge and bring your picnic basket for a romantic and nostalgic picnic you won’t soon forget!

10) Cheekwood Estate

Let’s just say that the Cheekwood Estate looks like something out of a fairy tale. With Botanical gardens, rolling pastures and the beautiful main house, you will have lots to do while you are here for a visit. You can make a romantic day of it and stay for dinner as well!

Where to Stay

The Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage Hotel is the only 5 star hotel in Nashville that has deep roots in the history of the city. Built in 1910, The Hermitage boasts opulence and true Southern hospitality. We loved our stay here and and the impeccable service the staff offered.




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