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Summer Escape to Vail, Colorado

Summer in Vail, Colorado

Known for incredible skiing and winter sports, Vail is one of summers best kept secrets!  Yes, you heard me correct Vail, Colorado is just as much a summer escape as it is a winter destination.  From fancy spas, and incredible restaurants to mountain biking and zip lining on the tops of mountains, there is something here for everyone in the family to do and enjoy.   We had a blast during our 4 days here, and below we will tell you where to stay, what to do and the restaurants we enjoyed!IMG_1089

Getting There:

Well from Seattle it was a short flight and then a 2.5 hour drive us on a luxury shuttle to our hotel.  One thing we tried this time was a company called Luggage Free, have you heard of them?  We had not either till about a month ago.  They came and picked up our luggage from our home and delivered it straight to our hotel room before we even got there.  Yep we went to the airport without luggage and we loved it! If you travel with kids or just don’t like the hassle of traveling with your luggage, these guys are awesome (give them a try)!


What to do

There is a whole lot to do in Vail during the summer, we did a few things but want to come back to do the rest in the near future!


1. Vail Epic Discovery

Okay this one is a must do.  We recommend getting a full day pass up Lions Head Mt. and once on top there are tons of activities.  Zip-Lining-one of the largest zip lines in america, mountain coaster, summer tubing, a high ropes course and lots more, not to mention the incredible views up here!  We recommend getting an unlimited pass as you will most likely want to do all the activities at a couple of times.  There are also a couple of fun restaurants up here too. Vail Epic Discovery20180623_105320_0_


2. Go Off-Roading

We decided we had to go off roading while we were in Vail, its just something you gotta do!  We rented a side-by-side and set out down the trail in search of incredible views.  If you decide to go, look up Nova Guides and get ready for some serious off-roading.908C806B-4DF9-48CA-A964-15DF12BBE8DF


3. Take a Ride

Whether its an adrenaline junkie ride down the side of a mountain or an easy cruise down a paved path, you can do it while you are here.  We did the latter and had a really fun 15 mile cruise down after we were driven to the top.  It was super scenic and a blast to do with. (Click here to book a ride with Venture Sports, who are located right in Vail village)

4. Explore Vail Village

There are tons of cute little shops, with great deals and incredible architecture everywhere.  The town itself feels like an old German style town with blooming flowers everywhere.  Its whimsical and romantic, with plenty of places to eat or just grab a snack. Click here to see all Vail Village has to offer.20180624_184819


5. Check Out the Sunday Street Market

If you are here for the weekend, like we were, be sure to check out the market.  There are at least a hundred shops selling arts, crafts and lots of fun food to snack on.  We spent a couple of hours strolling through and trying various foods. (Vail Village)



Where to Stay in Vail:

Be sure to stay within walking distance of Vail village or else you will have to take a bus into town. We stayed at Manor Vail Lodge and were super impressed.  The condos are serviced like a hotel (cleaned daily) and were extremely spacious with a separate bedroom and living room area along with a kitchen. (Click here to book)


Where to Eat in Vail

Here are a couple of our favorite places that we would recommend.

1) Almresi 

Right in Vail Village was one of our favorites from our whole trip!  The German food is cooked expertly and the service was personal and fast.  The ownership takes great pride in their restaurant and it shows in the decor to the quality of their food. (Reserve a table here)20180622_210258


2) Mountain Standard

Serving up all the american classics and fancy foods from around the world.  We loved our dinner here and think you would too. (Reserve a table here)


We spent 4 days in Vail and could have easily spent for more.  There is lots to do and the village itself was awesome and would highly recommend you make a trip our here in the summer. #vailsummer

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