12 Fun Things To Do In Dubai, UAE

“You name it, Dubai has it. Or if it doesn’t, it’s building it” That statement couldn’t be truer about Dubai, it seriously has it all!  It has any store you can think of, any activity that you could possibly do (some that are unique to Dubai), and all types of delicious food. We stayed in... Continue Reading →

Road Trip Through Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka We came to Sri Lanka with a simple plan, travel as much of the country as we can in under a month.  So we grabbed a map and put together a rough plan of what we wanted to see and do and set out.  We were blown away by how beautiful the country... Continue Reading →

Dreamy Island of Phu Quoc, Vietnam

(January-February 2018) Beautiful sand beaches, amazing weather, laid back vibe, and gorgeous sunsets; what comes to mind? Probably not Vietnam.  We came to Phu Quoc not sure what to expect and boy were we blown away! We were pulled away from it (by a pending flight) kicking and screaming. We spent our 2 weeks here... Continue Reading →

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