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Must Have Baby Brands

Selah is now just a little over a year and a half and boy, do kids grow fast! It seems like she was just born yesterday. Our life is so much more full and fulfilling with her in our life.

With there being so many stores and baby brands, I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

  • Boutique Mini-Cycle: This one is one of our favorites because of their brilliant business model. They sell some of the best brands new or pre-loved. If you buy from them, they guarantee that they will buy back the clothes once your kids grow out of them. Not only is this very sustainable but it also helps with the cost of clothes for our little ones. At the rate that they grow, this couldn’t be more perfect.
  • Dockatot: There is a reason why Dockatots are so popular. They’re convenient, safe, and kids love them. Selah loved being in her Dockatot probably till about 6 months, until she outgrew it.
  • Joolz: This is by far our favorite stroller brand. The stroller is super comfortable for the baby and for us. You can add on any accessory for your convenience and it looks so good! As Selah’s main stroller, we got her the Joolz Geo2 which comes with the bassinet and seat. As her travel stroller, we got the Joolz Aer in black. Both strollers are incredible and we use all the time.
  • Plum and Sparrow: Selah slept in this Moses basket by our bed until she grew out of it. We loved the look of it, how comfy it was for Selah, and its sleek design since our room is pretty small. The quality is also great!
  • Woolino: Once Selah was done being swaddled, we put her in the Woolino sleep sack. She loved it from day one. It regulates her temperate since its merino wool, it stays on as opposed to a traditional blanket, and it grows with her because of the way its designed. As soon as we put it on her, she gets excited and knows it time for sleep.

If you are pregnant or already have a baby, check these brands out because as a first time mama, I loved all these!



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