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5 Things to do in Melbourne, Australia – A Hipsters Paradise

(January 2018)

Melbourne city

This city feels like a hipsters paradise.

1) Eat the food! ALL OF IT

The food scene here is INCREDIBLE and the city is full of character and life.  Asian, Greek, hipster cafes and fusion restaurants seem to make up most of the food scene here and all of it is good!



2) Admire the Street Art

Whether you are headed to China-town, the Greek precinct or to the harbor you are going to see lots of street art along the way.  It isn’t offensive graffiti, but instead a creative expression and really easy to appreciate as a form of art.  The reason I mention the street art is because its what the city feels like, it’s raw, laid back, and anything goes.  Everyone here seems to be on their own page, there are lots of different styles and no one seems to care what anyone else thinks.



3) There are a couple must visit beaches that are a short train ride from the city center.


One is Brighton Beach!  There are about 80 Super cute little beach houses here that are all painted with their own theme.



The Second is St. Kilda Beach.  This is a beautiful beach with a huge boardwalk, tons of restaurants and a cute little town to explore.  Stay there till sunset and watch the penguins!


4) Watch the incredible sunset at the Docklands

We also loved coming to the marina to watch the sunset.  There is a small fish and chips shop down here along with a fresh juice stand.  Its also a great place to grab dinner with some nice restaurants along the pier.





Yep, there are wild penguins that call St. Kilda beach their home!  About 1500 of them come in every night and climb up the rocks to their nests.  You have to wait until after sunset to see them though so be patient.  You will also see plenty of flying foxes down here at night too (huge bats).


Where to stay:

We stayed our first night in Melbourne near the airport because after the road-trip we needed a nice place to stay where we could just rest.  Once in the city we would recommend staying in the Docklands.  There are beautiful sunset views here and there is a free trolley car that takes you to and from downtown.

Hyatt Place – 

This is the perfect hotel if you want to be near the airport! They have a free shuttle to the airport.   We enjoyed the lightning fast internet, super comfortable beds and a restaurant connected to the hotel.  The breakfast here was great too!



Four Points by Sheraton

Its in a perfect location, we thought, right at the end of the pier with a great marina and city view!

Learn More About The Travelers: Here

We made some fun friends here too!





  • Mom Olga

    Good morning our dear beautiful travelers!
    At that a very nice and crowded place I can see you as a more closest people to my heart ❤️
    I am happy, blessed, and joyful for you dear Liana and Alex!
    May God bless you always and everywhere🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Love you very much 💕

  • Freeoversea

    Melbourne looks amazing! We really have to visit 😀
    Great post guys !

    With love,

    Patricia & Miguel

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