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Romania – What to do in Bucharest & Brasov


IMG_5928Our trip to Romania was like many of the others recently.  We bought the tickets 2 days before we were supposed to fly out, no research, no planning, just flying by the seat of our pants hoping for a pleasant surprise.  And well, we were!  So pleasantly surprised by the incredible architecture of the cities, the delicious food and the wonderful people.IMG_20180329_122523_669

We went to visit a couple of cities based on the recommendations we received from our friends on Instagram.  We stayed in Bucharest for the first half of our trip and in Brasov for the second half.  Since we rented a car to drive to Brasov, we were able to stop by some of the beautiful castles along the way.IMG_6660

The castles are that of fairy-tales.  They are big, beautiful and have a medieval flair to them!  Our favorite was Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle).IMG_6323


Bucharest is a city of incredible architecture and tons of history at every turn.  This city also has a delicious food scene as well.  IMG_5886

The city has be conquered by lots of countries in its history, and that shows through its food, its architecture and its people.

1) Eat the food! The food is incredible, it has a German/ Eastern European flair to it. 
2) Wander the streets of Old Town! The architecture has French, Soviet, German and Hungarian influence.
3) Visit the Carturesti Carusel Library!  It’s the most beautiful library we have ever seen.IMG_5962
4) Meet the people, don’t just look at them! The people are kind and welcoming, they have a rich history .20180330_154542(0)

Where to stay in Bucharest:

Stay in downtown that is close to Old Town.  This will give you the ability to explore the city and come back for breaks as you need.

We stayed at the beautiful Athenee Palace Hilton.  This a beautiful historic hotel that has been graced by royalty for generations.  It’s rare that you could stay at such a historic hotel at such an affordable price!  Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity and stay here, it’s perfectly situated to explore the city on foot. Make sure to try their Sunday brunch as well. It is so delicious and they have live music. We had such a good time here. Click here to book



This is a city up in the mountains that is surrounded by castles on all sides, and beautiful rolling hills.DSC01045

The city itself has cute cobbled stone streets, beautiful whimsical architecture and is bustling with locals and tourists alike.  You could easily spend a day wandering the shops, sitting around the cafe’s and indulging in the restaurants that are full of delicious food.IMG_6153

1) Go to Transylvanian and explore Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle)!  it’s one of the coolest castles we have ever visited and is only a 20 min drive from Brasov. IMG_6361
2) Ride the gondola. One of the days we took a gondola up to the top of Brasov Mt. and enjoyed a view over the city.IMG_6458
3) Eat out for every meal!  The food is really, really good in this region and is super inexpensive so make the most of this opportunity.  We ate out often and loved it.20180405_123958

Romania is a beautiful country and should be added to your bucket list.

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