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Koh Tao, Thailand – A Divers Paradise

Koh Tao


If you enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling you will love Koh Tao,  if you don’t participate much in those sports, Koh Tao may be a bit dull for you.  Getting to Koh Tao is no easy task since you will have to take a long boat ride to get there.  If you are coming from Koh Samui, like we were, it will take about 1.5 hours on the water, plus commuting to and from the ferry.  If you are coming from the mainland, it will take you even longer than that.  I am not sure that the payoff was worth it for us.  Even though we did enjoy the beautiful Shark Bay, there really wasn’t much else to do on the island.

Liana and I spent most of our time at our resort, which happened to be situated on the best beach of the entire island.  While Liana spent most of her time at the beach and pool, I spent my time snorkeling in the ocean and beach bumming with her a little too.

One of the days we decided to rent a scooter and explore the island (though I should warn you that renting scooters on Koh Tao is a total tourist trap in many cases.  Do your research before you rent!).  We got to all corners of the island and explored all that we could in about 3 hours (its a pretty small island).  This was a lot of fun and one of the highlights of our stay. we did find that almost all of the beach access is paid and even most of the hiking trails and viewpoints are paid too, so be sure to have a little cash with you when your exploring.


But if you like snorkeling or diving then you will really enjoy Koh Tao.  We don’t have too much else to share with you about this little island.  Most of the island is inhabited by people working in the diving or hotel industry.  It’s hard to find good food, and there isn’t a whole lot to do; in other words Liana and I have no plan on visiting anytime soon.


What to do in Koh Tao:

Go Snorkeling/Scuba Diving


Explore the town by the port: eat some of the street food too


Visit all the other beaches that you can access:

Rent a scooter and explore the island:


Where to stay:

Stay on or near Shark Bay.  No sharks here though, just lots of great snorkeling and a pretty beach.

Beach Club at Haadtien

We would recommend you get a beach balcony room here and be sure to have the breakfast included.  This is one of the best resorts on the entire island simply because it is on the best beach.



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