A Day on the Cobblestone Streets of Tallin, Estonia



We didn’t realize how close Estonia was to Finland, so when we were in Finland for a week, we decided to take the ferry over to Tallin for the day. The boat ride is about $50 USD per person and about 2.5-3 hour ride on a huge ferry boat. The ride was very comfy, they serve food, drinks and even had live entertainment. We took the early morning ferry so that we could spend the entire day there.

We didn’t have anything planned in terms of what to see or do so we wandered around Old Town zipping in and out of souvenir shops, vintage stores, and delicious coffee shops.


Since Alex and I are both from Slavic countries, it was really interesting to see the Soviet influence on this small country. Until 1991 Estonia was part of the Soviet Union and you can’t help but see how it left it’s mark on this country. You can hear Russian spoken everywhere, the Russian Orthodox churches are still there, and there are as much Russian schools as Estonian. I (Liana) felt like I was right back in my motherland.


Things to do in Tallin:


  1. Wander around Old Town- dating back to the 13th century

Get lost in Old Town Tallin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Site. The cobble streets are lined with well preserved medieval colorful buildings filled with touristy trinkets and souvenirs. We found some of the most beautifully painted matroshki (nesting doll) here.


  1. Visit the gothic and orthodox churches

-Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

-St. Nicholas Church

-St. Mary’s Cathedral


  1. Go up to the Radisson Blu Lounge 24

-get an amazing view of the city from the 24th floor


  1. Visit the Old Town Wall

It was created in the 13th century and is one of the best preserved fortification


  1. Visit Town Hall Square


All- in- all we really the beautiful little town of Tallin.  We thought that a day trip to Tallin was perfect. You probably don’t need more than 1-2 days there. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of history.

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