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Czech Republic, Prague & Karlovy Vary


We took our first train ride in Europe from Krakow to Prague thinking it will be a fast and direct ride.  It wasn’t. The train made multiple stops and took 7 hours. Alex made use of his time and worked while I did the same and napped. Once we finally got to Prague, we went out to explore the marvelous city.



Prague is a melting pot of cultures, people, and different types of food which we enjoyed very much.  It’s a city that was inhabited by kings so it is incredibly beautiful and has castles to explore, if your are into that sort of thing.  Things are not cheap when in the city but its not terribly expensive either.


What to do in Prague

  • Visit the castles

Some of our favorite things to do in the city was to visit the castles, find good eateries and just hang out in the main city square.  The Prague astronomical clock, is a medieval astronomical clock located in  the Prague Old Town square. The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still operating.  Every hour there is a one minute show the clock puts on and you will see hundreds of people recording it every time, its pretty cool and worth the visit.



  • Do a walking tour

Make a trek to the top of the hill to the Prague castle, but take a “free walking tour” to get there, you will learn a ton about the cities history in about an hour; be sure to tip the tour guide.



  • Graffiti the John Lennon wall

Beatles fan?  Then be sure to visit the John Lennon memorial wall.  Even though he never actually visited the city the wall was dedicated to him during the world war and its the only place in the city that your graffiti is welcomed.  Go ahead, express yourself!


  • Cross the Charles Bridge

And of-course cross the Charles Bridge to Mala Strana.  The bridge itself is beautiful with statues lining its sides, everyone masterfully sculpted.  We loved the old town, and its a great place to grab some of the traditional ice cream served in cinnamon doughnut cones.




Where to eat in Prague:

We tried a lot of places and didn’t have a bad meal!


Where to stay in Prague:

Stay close to the center but not right in it.  This city doesn’t sleep and if you are interested in sleep then stay a few streets away from the heart of the city (hostels are in the center)

  • We stayed at Golden Crown hotel and really enjoyed the location, the breakfast and the size of the rooms.  Fair price.


Karlovy Vary


After hanging out in the city for about a week we rented a car (not expensive here) and headed to the county-side and the resort town of Karlovy Vary.  To be honest, we didn’t like the town itself very much but we did like the scenic country.  We stayed at a spectacular resort called Karlovy Vary Golf & Spa Resort Cihelny.  Its a spa, and golf resort with 7 different saunas and steam rooms and a great pool.


We took strolls down the country road just outside of the hotel to an old mansion converted in to a hotel.  Its an absolutely beautiful country.


Where to eat in Karlovy Vary:

We tried a few of the places in town and really didn’t have a good meal to highlight.

  • However Karlovy Vary Golf & Spa Resort Cihelny had delicious food that we could recommend.

Where to Stay in Karlovy Vary:

  • Do not stay in town, its pretty boring and scorching hot in the summer.  stay in somewhere along the river.
  • We stayed at Karlovy Vary Golf & Spa Resort Chielny and really enjoyed it!


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