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Top 5 Beaches to visit in St. Thomas / St. John – US Virgin Islands

After spending three weeks in St. Thomas/St John and visiting a dozen beaches, these are the 5 we thought were the best!

#1 Trunk Bay 

  • Yes, Trunk Bay is on St. John and it will take a little extra effort to get there, but of all the beaches that we visited in the U.S. Virgin islands, this is by far the most beautiful and pristine!  The sand is soft and powdery, and the ocean is clean with no seaweed or debris.  Crystal clean and clear water no matter how deep you swim out, perfect for snorkeling.
  • It is not overrun by tourists from the cruise ships and it is rated the #2 beach in the world.
  • $5 admission fee per adult, kids under 16 are free. Showers, changing facilities, food stalls and snorkeling gear is on site!  There are lots of fish to see here.
  • We loved everything about this beach, if you can get her, then GET HERE!

#2 Lindquist Beach

  • We liked this beach a lot because it was not over crowded, the sand is powdery and there are lots of tropical fish in the water.
  • $5 admission fee per adult, kids under 16 are free. It is managed by the V.I. government so there are restrooms and lifeguards.
  • Lots of expats and locals here but it is not too busy.


#3 Magen’s Bay

  • Huge one mile long stretch of pristine beach is BEAUTIFUL!  We loved our visit here except for the fact that this is a beach where thousands of tourists come to from the cruise ships.  Rated #7 beach in the world it is a must visit!
  • $5 entry fee per adult, kids 16 and under are free.  You can rent chairs here and there are plenty of places to eat and get a refreshing drink here.  Easy to rent a paddle-board or kayak here too.
  • We loved this beach and if it wasn’t so crowded it would have been our #2 pick.

#4 Coki Beach

  • This beach is free and it a GREAT place to go snorkeling with lots of fish along the reef down the beach.  But here is the deal with this beach that is a drawback; unlike the other beaches when you come in there are people trying to rent you beach chairs and sell you food, it’s overwhelming.  Once we were settled in our spot on the beach we really loved it here!
  • Lots of local food and refreshing drinks brought right to you on the beach if you order it.  You can rent an umbrella, beach chairs and snorkeling gear.
  • Lively/party-like atmosphere here and fun to go swimming in the crystal clear turquoise waters!

#5 Morning Star

  • Watch the cruise ships come and go from this beach.  Swim in the crystal clear waters and see beautiful fish when you snorkel.
  • Free entry, and free parking.
  • It can get a little busy here when the cruise ships are in port because it is not a huge beach and there is also a large hotel connected to it.
  • We highly recommend coming here for a nice dinner at Havana Blue Restaurant, the sunsets are incredible.

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