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A Timeless Accessory

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Whether its catching a flight or hopping on the next ferry, we are always tracking our time.  Sure you could use your phone, but its so much easier and less cumbersome to just turn your wrist.

Aside from the obvious practicality, a nice watch is a great accessory that helps complete any outfit, not to mention bring an air of class and sophistication to the person wearing it.  Of all the watch companies we could have partnered with, we chose  Why? 1) Quality – watches have a hard to scratch- sapphire crystal face, Japanese made movement, interchangeable straps and are designed in my home state of WA, USA.  Do yourself a favor and take a peek at the super comfortable watches and accessories at

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What We Put On Our Feet Matters!

Traveling the world tends to put a lot of strain on your body, especially your feet.  If your feet hurt, are sore, or have blisters, you will have to take a “down day” and we don’t like that.  We average 5-8 miles a day walking, which before this trip was not the norm at all!  Having comfortable and reliable shoes was a top priority for us and no expense was spared when it comes to foot comfort.   We suggest you take care of your footsies and give these brands a look.


Over the River and Through the Woods

LUNA Sandals

These have been our hiking boots, our beach shoes and comfy walker sandals through the summers heat all around the world!  We have worn these bad boys everywhere and they have delivered the comfort and rugged support we need on the trails!

20171214_111500 - Copy

Comfortable straps lock your foot down for a long hike through the woods, up a trail or simply through the park.  They don’t need any break in time, we simply slipped them on adjusted the straps and hit the trail.  We love them and wear them regularly. Did we mention they are made in Seattle, WA? Get your LUNA’s, we love ours.


The Perfect Travel Bar

Wolo Snacks – the WanderBar

wolo-wandersnacks-variety-pack_2000x.jpgYep, when we travel we snack a lot.  You might be thinking well duh we all snack.  But what you may not know is that sometimes while traveling there is no time to eat.  sometimes we are on 25 hour flights from place to place, running from plane to plane and literally not having a chance to stop for food.

Or sometimes its being on a hike and needing a snack to keep the energy levels up.  Well the Wolo Snack have done the trick for us.  They are tasty and nutritious, not not packed full of sugar.  They are full of protein and other nutritious bits to keep you going with out a crash.

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